January 31, 2009

Yogi's First Christmas... There's a Bear in the Kitchen

Minute Eight- Another minute, another bear

We start with Otto complaining about the music in his stereotypical German fashion. Meanwhile, back in the mysteriously appearing tunnel, Yogi Bear and his faithful sidekick Boo- Boo, Bear Wonder travel close to the end of the tunnel. Again, observant Boo- Boo notices that the music is getting louder. Yogi, using Yogi radar which is now used by the Canadian Navy, tells Boo- Boo to keep heading forward.

Soon they find themselves in a kitchen. Yogi suffers a very brief coma from the aroma. They realize that they are in a kitchen. Now I don't know why Yogi never noticed that the tunnel in his cave led to a the Jellystone Lodge's kitchen. It would save a lot of time and effort than stealing pic-a-nic baskets from the park patrons. Of course, no one really knew about the lodge until now. Maybe it is like the cave of wonders or Danger Island. Maybe it disappears every December 26th and reappears the week before Christmas. Like usual Yogi fashion, he heads straight for the food. He dips his hand into a jar of Rasberry Jelly then licks it.

After contaminating the Jelly, Otto, the fascist Chef, catches Yogi "red handed" (Yogi is so punnerificate). He tosses the dianamic duo two chefs outfits which mistakes for prison uniforms. I would think those were prison outfits too if I were caught by the Fierer Otto. But Otto says they are the new cooks. Now Yogi is in a new mess of trouble.