January 13, 2009

Yogi's First Christmas... Baddie Moment!

The Third Minute... that Christmas crowd is back again!

When you live in a park with someone known as Boo Boo, it must often be tempting to make fun of his name in times of fear. For example, I'm sure there isn't a Halloween that goes by in Jellystone Park where there isn't someone who comes to your door and goes Knock Knock! Who's There! Boo Boo.. before coming in and demanding a little something for their sweet tooth. Now as we enter the third minute of Yogi's First Christmas here at Yogi's First Christmas Blog, we are told more of the scary goings-on from the year before. Huckleberry Hound says that they never did find out who was doing the howling outside last year. This was the perfect moment for someone to crack a Boo Boo joke but no-one does. In actual fact they're all refreshingly open minded here where they would normally be painfully superstitious in a lesser cartoon. They never suggest that anything supernatural is going on, always presuming that they are going to catch whoever rolled a giant snowball in to the lodge and was howling. All I can say is thank goodness for that. If they weren't it would only be a matter of time before the owners of the lodge would be calling in the Mystery Machine and then we'd be in real trouble!

Naturally the quintet on the snowmobile (yup they're still on it) hope that there won't be a repeat of last year but something tells me they might be wrong. (Certainly with 96 minutes to go, you don't really want the conflict of the film to be gone already.) Snagglepuss agrees with the Ranger on the subject saying "Me Too! Also Even! EXIT STAGE RIGHT!" YEAH! fists in the air indeed! If this was a drinking game we would all be taking a shot right now in honour of the first real catchphrase usage in the film. Heavens to Murgatroid we would! Hell I might just go get one anyway...

With that subject dealt with the film moves on... well sort of. Ranger Smith says "Come on, let's hear that song again!" Oh dear... it's only a few moments since they stopped. Surely something can be done about this.

Dear Ranger Smith,

I am an enthusiastic young blogger with a strong obsession for Yogi's First Christmas and drinking games involving famous cartoon character's catchphrases. I am concerned that perhaps the repetition of the same song over and over may be to the detriment of both the song and the film that I am currently watching and regularly blogging about. It may be one of your favoured seasonal songs but for the rest of us it would be nice for a little variation. Perhaps a rendition of the popular ballad "Oh My Darling, Clementine". [DRINK #2!]

Yours sincerely,
Yogi's First Christmas Blogger

OK maybe I'm being over the top but when you've spent time watching and detailing the first three minutes of this film you do tend to get that song in your head. Of course, there are some that take it a little further than me. Some such as Herman the Hermit! Herman is the mean spirited Grinch of this tale. Nobody in the park knows about him despite the fact that there are large signs reading "HERMAN THE HERMIT" AND "VISITORS NOT WELCOME" at the side of the road up to his cave, which you have to drive past to get to the lodge. Herman likes to live at the top of this treacherous mountain ridge and talk to himself, which he does a lot during this film. When he spots the happy cats and dogs he says "this year I'll scare 'em good!" There really is nothing like a good mystery and finding out who was scaring the lodge residents about 30 seconds after they mentioned it, was nothing like a good mystery.

Incidentally if Yogi is a bear, Snagglepuss is a lion and the three dogs are... well dogs, then looking at this picture of Hermit, does that make him a skunk? He's showing so little that it's hard to tell whether he's animal or just a Davy Crockett fan. Either way, he doesn't seem like a very nice person so let's hope that I don't agree with anything he says, especially not his next line. "Christmas. Yuck. With all that goody goody singing!" So like I say it's good that they keep repeating the same song over and....

Finally we cut to the lodge where a shutter is opened and we see hotel manager Mr. Dingwell and the Chef who speaks with a German accent and is therefore named Otto. Mr. Dingwell looks like... well he looks like every hotel/abandoned fairground manager you saw in Scooby Doo and quite frankly I wouldn't have been surprised if he tore off a fake mask and revealed himself to be a disgruntled former employee who would've got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids [DRINK #3!]. Otto says "here they come, you think they know anything about it?" It? What does he mean by "it"? Mr. Dingwell ends the minute by saying "No and I hate to be the one to tell them!" Three minutes into the film and we're already worried about "it" and on the verge of being scared by skunk lookalike. Still at least if they read this article they can have three drinks. Yabba Dabba Doo! [DRINK #4]... (see I'm smarter than the average bear [DRINK #5!])

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