January 19, 2009

Yogi's First Christmas... Moment of Slapstick!

The Fourth Minute... one minute - one sketch

Finally after three minutes (that's three days to the readers of this blog) our snowmobilers arrive in at the Jellystone Winter Ski Lodge. It appears that the snow has died down from before, which is just typical. If you'd left a few minutes later then that treacherous climb up the mountain would've been just a little bit safer. Anyway, the hotel visitors are greeted by Mr. Dingwell. What follows is a sketch which conveniently fills the majority of today's minute.

Augie is perched over the side of the snowmobile with his drum which is twice his size. Now I'm not quite sure what he's doing using a drum that size, if a human did they'd probably go deaf, but it appears he's taken on more than he can chew. At this point Doggie Daddy should really assist but he appears to be just standing there. Then again that's what we've come to expect from a dog that buys his own Christmas presents. At this point none but the most credulous would doubt what is going to happen next.

* A small dog. (Possibly the term helpless puppy would be fairer)
* A heavy drum
* A jump of more that the height of the dog.
* A recycled Scooby-Doo bad guy in the guise of a hotel manager.
* Snow.

If this drum doesn't roll over and hit the manager we're all going to be very surprised. Actually I'm surprised we didn't see this coming as soon as we saw Augie with the drum! Look:

There he goes:

Run like only a cartoon character can:


Still at least Augie learnt a lesson here. If he didn't then it's not up to me to tell him, it's up to Daddy Doggie to drum it into him!!!

I apologize for that terrible, terrible joke.