January 28, 2009

Yogi's First Christmas... Yogi's Appearance

Seventh Minute in Heaven with Yogi.

This starts with Yogi shaking a leg. He wakes up as any other person would do. Also Boo-boo wakes with Yogi (weird). Before I forget there is line in the "Comin' on Christmas Time" that ponders my thought. Snagglepuss, Huckleberry Hound, Augie Doggy and Doggy Daddy are the ones singing, but in the middle of the song Boo-boo sings "Better Bundle up its starting to snow again." But Boo-boo is in the cave with Yogi looking at Yogi's wondering leg. How can this happen. Boo-boo couldn't be in two places at once. They could have used a recording, but why would a choir have a recording of another persons solo. Anyway I digress.

Yogi, who should really see a doctor for his leg (knowing his luck he would be put down for feelin' the beat), now wonders why his feet, feet, feet are moving to the beat, beat, beat. The observant Boo-boo answers with the Spring has Sprung alliteration, one of the oldest alliterations in the book. Then Yogi looks at his monthly clock. Where would find a monthly clock. Who would need a clock that only measures months. It seems kind of impractical since calendars can do the same thing. Anyway how would that work. He sets to spring but it says April as its ding= ding. On the calendar Spring is March 21 or by groundhog it is either right around the corner or sixth weeks. Being in western Pennsylvania, I go by the groundhog because the groundhog knows all. Anyway the highly impractical clock says it isn't even half past December. Anyway he goes to sleep.

He wakes up now noticing the long drum played by a dog half its size. He yells outside to tell the person to cut it out. Again observant Boo-boo says it is coming from above. Now I watched plenty of Yogi Bear cartoons and one I never noticed another tunnel in the den and two I never seen the lodge above the den. Anyway Yogi follows this tunnel which leads to the lodge. Near the end, stereotypical German chef Otto complains about the noise. He bumbles like a guy drowning. Now that is weird. In My nonprofessional opinion, this movie presents many medical concerns that needs to be addressed seriously. I mean, come on, there is a blue dog, pink lion, and they both talk. WOW!